100 years of Votes for Women

In this year where we proudly celebrate 100 years of women’s right to vote, Community Stuff have been awarded a Women’s Vote Centenary Grant from the Government Equalities Office.

With this grant we worked with young people in both Eastbourne and Peacehaven. We firstly gave three assemblies at Causeway Secondary School where we talked about the voting system for both local councillors as well as parliamentary elections. We also discussed the suffragette movement and how important it is to use your vote.

We then worked with 3 youth groups, 2 LGBT+ groups from Eastbourne and a youth club in Seaford. We discussed the voting systems , their local candidates and what you have to do to vote. We then explained how the vote was counted and what it means to be represented in Parliament.

To mark the womens vote centenary, the young people cut stencils and spray painted slogans of the era onto white aprons

We also tried to answer questions about Brexit to the best of our ability.

We held a celebratory UV drawing session for the LGBT+ groups

Most of the young people involved were really appreciative of the information regarding voting as they don’t get taught about it at school. Many had parents who didn’t vote for one reason or another. We encouraged them to break the mould and get involved themselves.

Youth leaders were really pleased we had come to talk to their groups about such an important topic.